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Quiet Oasis

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Pillows can transform your bed into an island of calm. With a few big fluffy Euro shams, you can create a comfortable nest and read for hours. According to Andrea Maher, interior designer and co-owner of Evelyn Hill in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, “At the end of a hard day, there’s nothing better than seeing a beautifully arranged, peaceful bed. With pillows, you can easily add an element of allure.” When dressing a bed, she suggests, “Think about color, texture, and print, then ask yourself, what is your favorite color? What look do you love? Go for that and have some fun.” Also, consider having a variety of shapes and sizes to make your grouping more interesting.

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The Place for Pillows

A key to choosing a pillow is to think about how it will be used. Maher says, “I look at where my pillows are going and then I address the fabrics. For a formal living room where they won’t get a lot of wear, I might choose silk or velvet. If they are going in a sunroom or a space where there is going to be a lot of food and wine, I think about using an outdoor fabric and trim so they will hold up to heavy use.” Also, consider seasonal pillows. As temperatures plummet, try adding some warm-colored pillows in fabrics like wool, cashmere, or corduroy to make your room feel cozier.

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Patterns with Pizzazz

While some people are intimidated by mixing colors and patterns, Maher’s advice is to jump in and just have fun with it. “The fact is, unlikely things can go really well together. To figure out what you like, group pillows together, then

add and subtract until you have the effect you want.” Another trick is to squint, so that you can tell if the colors and patterns blend together well. If something pops out at you, replace it. Also, a pile of pillows can give you huge bang for your decorating buck. “If you buy an inexpensive, plain sofa, you can transform it into something fabulous by adding beautiful pillows.”

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Pillows that Pop

While you can use bright colors to add an accent, black and white can too. Maher says, “Black and white graphic prints can give a visual pop and add an element of fun and whimsy.” To give your room a sense of luxury and vibrancy, use pillows with decorative embellishments like tassels, buttons, or fringe. Hand-painted fabrics, exotic weavings, and sculptural shapes can elevate pillows to works of art. “They can be that important in a room.”

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