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Wash your hands of ho-hum bathroom sink faucets. “We’ve moved way beyond the old-fashioned lavatory faucet, with handles labeled ‘hot’ on one side and ‘cold’ on the other,” says Rand Hinman, director of The Ultimate Bath Store in Concord, New Hampshire. “In today’s marketplace, there are some really tremendous options, reflecting all kinds of styles and price points from 100 dollars to thousands or more.” Representing the high end of the budget spectrum, the first 3D-printed faucet has intricate geometries and concealed waterways that give the impression that water appears by magic. “This kind of faucet is a piece of art,” Hinman says. “It’s a bathroom centerpiece that makes a statement.”

Vibrato Bathroom 3D Faucet | DXV by American Standard,

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Some statements are made subtly, like the growing number of bathroom sink faucets that appear conventional and yet meet the EPA’s WaterSense criteria for reduced water usage. “These faucets prove you can introduce great style to water conservation,” Hinman says. “People are very conscious about the environment and how much water they use, especially as more and more of the country faces a water crisis. Eco-friendly faucets allow homeowners to access water as they normally do in their bathrooms while they protect natural resources and benefit from a reduced water bill.”

90 Degree Chrome Two-Handle Low Arc Bathroom Faucet | Moen,

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Once the water temperature is right, many people wash their hands on autopilot—but not when the faucet demands attention. Hinman says, “With something like a waterfall faucet, it’s about an experience. Pausing to take in the sight and sound of falling water is inspirational and soothing; it puts people in the right frame of mind.” With so many faucet options, Hinman cautions against sticking to one category. “Before picking a default style, explore what’s out there,” he says. “A bathroom sink faucet is an easy, impactful way to display personality.”

8" Widespread Single-Handle Chrome Finish Color-Changing LED Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucet
Juno Showers,


Increased water conservation is just one of the many innovations in faucets. “Technology plays a very important role in bathroom sink faucets,” Hinman says. “For instance, some have LED lights with colors that change based on the water temperature—those with small children or grandchildren will appreciate that the faucet indicates whether the water is extremely hot or cold. There are also touch faucets that allow customers to preset their ideal water temperature and then turn the water on and off with just a touch or a wave of the hand.”

Ametis Wall-Mounted LED Lavatory Faucet



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