BookSmart Review: New Bathroom Ideas That Work by Scott Gibson


New Bathroom Ideas That Work

by Scott Gibson (The Taunton Press, 2012)

For any homeowner contemplating a new bathroom, Scott Gibson’s New Bathroom Ideas That Work provides both hundreds of color photos and nitty-gritty details on how to approach the project. Chapters are divided by every section of a bathroom, such as fixtures, tubs and showers, floors, and lighting. The book is not a how-to but rather a how-to-get-prepared: Gibson offers advice on picking out architects, contractors, and designers while discouraging homeowners from serving as their own general contractor.

The publication is an updated edition of a 2007 book, and the author notes what he views as two major changes since then: the increase in green building and the economic climate, which has led homeowners to improve their existing homes rather than moving. Green concepts are sprinkled throughout the book on subjects such as water-saving toilets and light bulbs.

Despite all its glossy good looks, however, the book does provide many details to consider before starting. For example, a sidebar covers the “color rendering index” for predicting how realistic colors will look under different light sources, while a diagram provides measurements for optimally maneuvering a wheelchair in a bathroom. Gibson also does a thorough job of including the pros and cons of many materials that may be used in a bathroom, from tile and wood look-a-likes to concrete and laminate.

As a bonus, “Putting It All Together” profiles multiple-photo examples of everything from a handicap-accessible space to a nineteenth-century, split-level bathroom.

Reviewed by Allison Knab

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